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How to care for Silicone Sex Dolls?

If you own a Female torso sex doll it is important to understand and learn how to care for them. The proper care of your dolls is a critical aspect of sex doll ownership. You’ll keep yourself and your beauty healthy if you keep your girl clean and undamaged, and you’ll extend her lifespan by years.

Here are the steps to care for your Torso sex dolls

  1. You should clean your doll regularly, especially after use or contact with bodily fluids. This is simple in the shower with warm water and a light soap.
  2. Please keep your doll’s head out of the shower and clean her separately. This is easily accomplished with a damp washcloth and mild shampoo.
    • After washing, thoroughly dry your doll with a clean towel to remove excess moisture.
    • A blow dryer can sometimes damage the skin if the heat becomes too concentrated.
    • After cleaning your sex doll, apply baby powder to her skin after drying her. This will help remove any remaining moisture from her skin and keep it dry.
    • We provide some of the most long-lasting and durable dolls on the market. However, we still recommend that you move your doll with caution to avoid any unnecessary bumps, scrapes, or drops.
    • It is also recommended that you store your doll in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight and extreme heat or cold when not in use. If you face any issues you can contact us at

    How to use Japanese Sex Dolls?

    For both men and women, Japanese sex dolls make sexual intimacy more enjoyable and real. They are an alternative to real-life partners that is both cost-effective and convenient. They can be a long-term companion and fulfill passionate men’s and women’s fantasies of sexual pleasure. They don’t want a lot of kids, many people don’t think it’s possible to have a spouse. To satisfy their sexual desires, they turn to Sex dolls.

    The sex dolls seem real and look like real people. They appear extremely realistic and have skin and eyes that are lifelike. Even customized Japanese sex dolls are available. The buyer can pick the color of their eyes, hair, and bust size. To personalize the doll, customers can also select its appearance.

    Real life sex dolls and Japanese sex dolls are identical. They can be carry anywhere and are charming and erotic. Since they’re little they’re ideally suit for little places.

    The sexual toys made in Japan are more advanced. Some have joints that can be move, allowing them to be position in various positions throughout the session. Even the voices of some dolls are similar to those of their partners. Sexy doll price Japanese sex dolls are the ideal companions, despite their subtle appeal. Not only are the Japanese dolls cheaper than their life-size counterparts, but they are also more realistic than their life-size counterparts.

    Japanese sex toys are lighter and more mobile. They are available in different sizes and shapes as their partners. They can play a variety of sexual roles. The majority of these dolls are make of silicone, which is a great material for the following ten things you should do to make the best sex dolls successful.

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